Indruc Ltd.


Indurc Ltd is a consultancy for all aspects of Employee and Industrial Relations, Trade Union negotiations, Collective Agreements and Individual Employment matters. Providing practical solutions for Employee and Employment Relations, which adds value in delivering your business needs.


Paul Atkinson, Director of Indurc Ltd, is a Master's Graduate in Law and Employment Relations from University of Leicester; with over 31 years of experience within the upstream and downstream oil, gas and energy sectors in both Operations and Employee/Industrial Relation capacities.

When labour relation issues are encountered; why not engage the help of Indurc Ltd and avoid expensive mistakes:

Example 1 //.
A major retailer was fined £850,000 for “union busting” tactics
Example 2 //.
Failure to consult properly could annual your annual wage bill by 25%.
Example 3 //.
Discrimination cases (e.g. dismissal on grounds of trade union activity) attract punitive and unlimited fines.
Example 4 //.
Unfair dismissal in an employment tribunal can cost up to £76,700 notwithstanding any legal fees.

Indurc Ltd can guide you to positive strategies helping to avoid employment misunderstandings and improve your business. An informed and engaged workforce is more productive; improving your margins; far better than financing costly industrial or legal action.


Industrial and Employee Relations //.

Industrial and employee relations strategy formulation and implementation. Setting up Collective agreements and Trade Union negotiations at a national and local level. Managing collective labour disputes. Leading and managing complex Industrial and employee Relations projects across multi- employer teams.

Change Management //.

Management of change. Redundancies collective and individual. Company and contract acquisitions and disinvestments. Company restructuring. Employee engagement including Project Joint Councils.

Employment Law //.

TUPE, collective labour Law, redundancy, discipline & grievance, dismissal’s, contracts of employment and contracts for services, European law. Working time regulations. Agency worker regulations. Discrimination law and the Equalities Act.

Training //.

Bespoke training programmes for industrial and employee relations. Trade Union negotiations skills. Conducting Joint Council Meetings under the NJC. Offshore contractors partnership agreement training Conducting disciplinary and grievance meetings. Commercial awareness and rate structures


Paul Atkinson // BA MA
Industrial Relations Consultant

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